Eday Partnership

Working together for our community


Eday Partnerships core funding is met through the business activities of our trading subsidiary,Eday Renewable Energy. Eday Renewable energy has experienced some considerable challenges  and far higher than budgeted curtailment of its output by grid operator, SSE.

 For this reason money from Eday Renewable Energy is less than was originally anticipated.

We are, of course, using best endeavours to find solutions to mitigate against the risk of continuing curtailment. Eday Renewable Energy is working in partnership with other local organisations on a pioneering project producing hydrogen called Surf and Turf where tidal and wind generated electricity is being turned into Hydrogen to power operations on kirkwall Pier. It is envisdaged that this innovative project will make a substantial difference to our future gift aid payments.





Eday Partnership welcomes applications for small grants for activies and projects which benefit the community in line with our constitutional aims and objectives.

Its all very simple, all we need to know is how much your proposed project will cost, who will deliver it and who will benefit. For small amounts under £500 we have a simple form to fill in, as soon as we recieve all the information we need a decision will be made as quickly as possible, usually at the next board meeting.


For larger projects over £500  we  need the same information as the small grants but need a little more detail and  would reccomend getting in touch to discuss your idea or project directly with us.