Eday Partnership

Working together for our community

We are in a very exciting new stage of development as an organisation. The funding we had

from Big Lottery to work on the turbine objectives has now ended and the projects

successfully completed, the main one being the total refurbishment of the shop. We are now

entering a new phase of development where we are aiming high and working to meet the

objectives set out in the community development plan.

In order to achieve these aims we needed more staff time in addition to the volunteer

director time and have advertised, interviewed and appointed a development manager to

focus our work directly on the issues identified by the community. Stephen Walters was

appointed and started work on Monday 17th January.

The other big development is that we have purchased a significant new property asset of

Blett at the north end of the island which offers huge potential for us to meet the aims

stated in the development plan.

We are aware that many people knew this from rumours but were unable to comment until

the sale was completed on Wednesday 19th January.

The issues of affordable housing, care for the elderly and vulnerable in our community and

the lack of long term secure employment are inextricably linked. These issues are very

difficult to solve in isolation and so we will be working on these at the same time - actively

considering how one element can help the other and deliver maximum additional benefit to

the island .

These projects are key to helping to maintain a diverse and sustainable population on the


If anyone would like to talk about any ideas, projects or issues please contact

dm@edaypartnership.org or speak to him in person or on the phone.

Some good news at last, not great or too exciting news but good news nevertheless.

Eday Renewable Energy Ltd, our wholly owned trading subsidiary have done marginally better than expected and as a result

have made a gift aid payment to Eday Partnership of £15,000.

Whilst this amount of money is never going to set the world alight it will, we hope, make a significant difference to a variety

of groups and organisations on Eday.

Therefore, if you are involved in a community group that have he ambition to take a project forward, that demonstrates

community benefit, then we'd be delighted to hear from you.