Eday Partnership

Working together for our community

Eday Partnership: Our Story

In the first three years of Eday Partnership’s existence there was progress in addressing economic and social sustainability in terms of projects and working relationships that have been built with partners on and off the island.
It’s true to say that there still remains much to be done but, from a “standing start” a great deal of skills and expertise has been gained.

However successful a Development Trust is, it cannot rely solely on long-term grant funding for either its day-to-day running or the community projects it undertakes and to this end Eday Partnership worked hard to acquire a community owned wind turbine, with assistance from the BIG Lottery Funding and Community Energy Scotland.  The turbine income will assist with the future economic security of the Partnership and hopefulls also provide an income that will enable Eday Partnership to progress projects and aims prioritised by the community.

Eday Renewable Energy Ltd is the wholly owned trading subsidiary company  set up to manage the turbine business on behalf of Eday Partnership. The two organisations are completely separate legal entities set up so that the Trust can maintain its charitable status, and protect the charity’s assets.
The Board of Eday Partnership aims to meet on a monthly basis.
The Board are responsible for the financial   management and staff management as well as ensuring that it acts within the legal requirements of Company Law and the Office of Scottish Charity Regulator.

Members of Eday Partnership must be over the age of 18, ordinarily resident in Eday and entitled to vote at a local government election and support the aims and activities of the company.

Eday Partnership long-term vision remains the same: -To create an economically prosperous self-reliant community that is connected with the wider world that remains a safe clean environment, where we are proud to live, able to work, to bring up and educate our children and to fulfil our own hopes and ambitions.

The Directors:

Chairman Mr Neil Hearn
Director Mr Peter Chrin
Director Mr Michael Cockram
Director Mr Mark Cockram
Director Mrs Mellissa Thomson
Director Mrs Kathleen Hearn