Eday Partnership

Working together for our community

Pipeline Projects

 Our current work is focussed on community wellbeing and population sustainability. Our population demographics are changing rapidly, we are experiencing the same changes as Scotland and Orkney as a whole, with migration towards urban centres. There is a net migration away from Orkney of young people who leave for training and work. The population of Orkney has the fastest growing levels of people in the over 65 age range. On Eday this is more pronounced and manifests in labour shortages in key areas.  Meeting the demands for care and wellbeing of our community particulary our ageing population will require a co-ordinated approach with  jobs, training and affordable housing all requiring a joined up approach.

Our affordable housing project at Blett will be key to providing long term accomodation to follow on from our successful gateway house project and providing much needed accomodation for the anticipated roles in care and wellbeing work and also in other areas of community development.


CSAW, following on from our care and wellbeing investigation we are currently developing a Community Support and Activity Worker project. This role will include help for other community groups and individuals as well as providing new opportunities for community lead activity and projects which lead to an increase in quality of life and wellbeing. This project will work with other local organisations with expertise in this type of work and help ensure increased access to the services they offer. We want to ensure that there is on island assistance available when people need it. It could be help with shopping , lift to an activity or help with a form and the like.


Community Participation and decision making exercise.

Eday Partnership is designing its new approach to creating our current development plan. This is designed to be a much more participatory approach than in the past with external consultants. This time we are aiming for a community lead approach where Eday Partnership facillitates the process and the development plan is constructed by participating members of the community. We will be using appreciative enquiry, a technique whith looks forwards and considers what we do well and builds on the positives and empowers our membership to make the changes they want to see and deliver the  development projects that are important to them. 

We have some challenging issues facing our community but nothing that cannot be improved upon by co-operation.